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Since the day it was founded, The Red Fury has worked to help worthy causes, we are particularly excited about our first initiative of 2019. North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club who have 13 teams playing in the Port of Subs league, nothing so peculiar about that you might think, but what makes them unique is that about 90% of the players are refugees. Over the past 12 years, NPCSC have had kids from 24 different countries play for their soccer club. This club unites these kids and allows them to establish strong friendships, to learn structure and to begin to grow not only with soccer but also personally. But this is more than just a club made up of refugee’s and other underprivileged kids. They provide them with transportation to training sessions and games, they help with tutoring, they get them to medical appointments, they help them in choosing a college, they help with addressing behavior problems, they help if they become homeless, they providing referee classes and the list goes on. There is nothing they don’t help with and if we can’t help they find resources for them. The work of all the volunteers at NPCSC transforms these kids and allows them to have hope, to dream and pursue a better future.

Oh, did we tell you that they do all this for free? The club exists from the personal finances of those that run it, from financial donations and from donations of used soccer equipment.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is a documentary about the club and also a couple of local reports about what they are doing. If nothing else, we encourage everyone to watch the documentary:…/refuge-document…/episodes/episode-1……/untold-stories-refuge…/87453194/…/arizona-soccer-club-helps…/

To help these wonderful people with the great work they are doing, Red Fury is taking donations of both money and of used soccer equipment. Cash donations can be made using PayPal by clicking on the following link. Please mention NPCSC in the comment:

When it comes to used soccer equipment donations, the club needs soccer balls, socks, cleats, training gear and other soccer equipment.

  • If you are an individual who wants to make a donation of used equipment, email us ( and we will coordinate a pick up with you.
  • If you are a supporters group, soccer club or any other organization that would like to work with us to collect equipment please also reach out to us.

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