Founded on April 10, 2012.

When the founders decided to create a supporters group for local club soccer, there was one problem, there was no professional club to support.

We created one anyway.

We then held a Facebook poll, which included five options, to decide on the groups name. La Furia Roja 1881 / The Red Fury 1881 won by a landslide.

1881 is the year Phoenix was incorporated as a city. It is a salute to our city. In honor of our city.

2012 – The Phoenix Monsoon came onto the scene in the NPSL (D4), LFR started going to matches when the team would announce where they were playing, Furies stopped in at Reach 11, Tolleson Union High School and Poston Butte High School covering all areas of the vast expanse we know as the Phoenix Metro Area. By the end of the season the Monsoon had folded, but the seeds of supporterdom were firmly planted and thirsted for the waters of live soccer to flourish. Noise makers and small flags began appearing during the season. LFR would meet up to watch random MLS, UCL and International games at 16th Street Bar (RIP)

2013 – Enter Phoenix FC Wolves representing USL PRO (D3), Finally a pro team with financial backing! LFR during this year began to form a real identity, Furies made road trips to away games, started hosting viewing parties and established our first official pregame bar Devil’s Advocate in Tempe. More elaborate tifo displays and organized chants began to creep into the group. As the season went on the Wolves began to slip as it became clear the finances were not as advertised, still the faithful were at every game including one at over 117°f. Before the beginning of the following season the Wolves would fold leaving LFR saddened and wandering the great pitch of the Sonoran desert without a direction. LFR members at this point began establishing groups specific to to Premier League teams and this helped keep the passion alive.

2014 – Attempt number three. Enter Arizona United SC, the owners picked up the open franchise left in the wake of the Wolves. LFR leadership were among the first contacted. Games were played at Peoria Sports Complex, clearly these guys had the budget they promised as they kept only the best players from the wolves and given their limited preseason put together a rather respectable team. LFR took root behind the goal and things in the stands became even more formalized, heavy emphasis on tifo and organized drumming took center stage. AZU had a fantastic US Open Cup run which for a LFR member was heaven wrapped in chocolate. Even though AZU finished one place outside the playoff zone, they closed the season strong, leaving strong optimism and a feeling of pride amongst us all.

2015 – Our first pro team to survive an offseason returns for 2015, making amazing signings and moving game days to Scottsdale Stadium, made for a lot of optimism in the offseason. LFR continues to work on its identity and working together to become an integral part of the local community. This is where you come in, this is where your chapter begins. Join us, you’ll love it.

LFR 1881 original crest:
(Circa April 2012-September 2012):


LFR 1881 crest 2.0:
(Circa October 2012-December 2012)


LFR 1881 crest 3.0:
(Circa April 2012-December 2017):

La Furia Roja Logo

Red Fury Crest:
(January 2018-):